January 2013

Greetings Sisters & Brothers, this is our January newsletter. Happy New Year to all.

We would like to take this opportunity to Congratulate Kiarna Steart CHT. and family on the birth of Sophia.


Next month we have Candlemass - Ritual of Air coming up on 2nd February. Our Candlemass ceremony marks the midpoint of winter, half way between the shortest day and Spring Equinox.  We light candles all through the Temple and our homes at the first signs that Spring is starting to appear, when the Sun is born again and all of nature springs back to life.

Snowdrops appear in February as a symbol of hope that the Sun will once again appear.

"The Snowdrop in purest white array. First rears her head on Candlemas Day."

Also known as Imbolc, the Feast of First Milk, occurring when the first of the lambs would be born and provide some fresh milk.
Candlemass in the Northern Hemisphere is when the sun reaches fifteen degrees of Aquarius. As the ritual is in Aquarius this is our ritual of Air. Our elemental rituals always honour that element more than the others during that time.

We now hand over to Kathleen A Flyke CHT. our Guardian of Capricorn, who will tell us more about this months sign.


The "Sea-Goat"


Birthday: December 22-January 19, Beginning on or around the day of the Winter Solstice. Darkness to light.

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, one of the four cardinal signs.

Ruling planet: Saturn

Day: Saturday

Element: Earth

Colours: Dark Sapphire, Black Pearl, Onyx, Jet Black.

Metal: Lead

Flower: Nightshade. Hemlock, Ivy, Heartsease, Amaranthus.

Trees: Aspen, Elm, Pine, Willow, Yew.

Best partner matches: Taurus, Virgo, Aries.

Worst partner match: Libra.

Modern day diet for the Capricorn is one of the well rounded farmer, meat, dairy, grains, seafood can usually all be well tolerated by the healthy, strong Capricorn. Robust long life-spans are usually enjoyed by this sign, often coming into their own at an advanced age. It is not unheard of to see a robust Capricorn live well into the nineties or even hit the 100 year mark. Time is definitely on your side.

Early Babylonian literature explanation and character origin of the 'Sea-Goat' is thought by some to represent the rising from the sea (bottom half fish) to the top of the mountains (the top half the strong determined mountain goat), thus representing the rise of the powerful two cities co-existing and rising from Tigress. Its important to remember the Capricorn is not only the earthly goat, but also very much part of the sea. 

Personality traits: Capricorns are the "doer's", the "hard workers", and frequently come off as the "ambitious achiever" type with their peers for the most part, what is commonly misunderstood though is that this drive does not come from a desire for adulation and praise, it comes from a deep seated inner drive to be at their best & to live up to their own perception of high expectations, goal achieving & having success in their field and being well thought of and respected professionally & socially. This sometimes can result in habitual, self-critical analysis that can cause self-loathing and depression at times, not much is up to the high standards of the Capricorn, for others or themselves unfortunately. Capricorns as co-workers or supervisors are known to be somewhat demanding, serious & very, "cut to the chase" and "lets get things done in a timely manner", type of demeanour. You will seldom find a "slacker" type of Capricorn.

Capricorns may seem short tempered, and impatient...they are patient but like to get on with things, complete tasks and cannot be bothered with flighty, lofty idealistic banter, they enjoy much more the actual applying of things into actuality and consider that what matters most in the end. The Capricorn has very little time or patience to sit and talk about philosophical random ideas for any length of time, they want to implement and get things done. Frivolous, lazy, behaviour is not exhibited or usually appreciated by the serious Capricorn at work. Capricorns are usually put into supervisory positions due to this, fortunately they are actually quite practical and pragmatic by nature and this leader role fits them well, and they are usually well thought of by both employee and higher-ups. In times of war or battle the Capricorn is frequently the commander or general leading the way, discipline and reliability are the Capricorns best traits, a natural born leader.

On the negative side of the Capricorn nature is the unrelenting feeling of negativity that arises due to pressure to be the best at what they do, it is their ultimate undoing at times. Capricorns have a predisposition to depression and can be somewhat disabled by it...picture the Capricorn writer hard at work, yet constantly ripping up their text because..."its just not good enough"...constant self criticism leads to anxious depressed nature that is also prone to perfectionism & can lead to depression & ultimately withdrawal & self-medicating. Capricorns must be aware that their predisposition to anxiety and depression can lead to addiction of substances, mainly alcohol. 

People involved with the Capricorn person will also be held to high standards as well, there is no reason to not be at your best to a Capricorn, this can lead to strained personal relationships at times. Capricorns have to remember it is not their place to judge and critique others so often...luckily this earth sign will regain its practical way of thinking and ease up on those they judge harshly, as personal relationships are just as important as work relationships to the Capricorn in the end. The Capricorns best trait is their extreme loyalty to those that they meet and choose to surround themselves with, they are very determined to support and maintain close personal relationships. The Capricorn usually has a small circle of real, close authentic lifelong friends. The Capricorn if married will usually wish to never divorce, they will work hard at a bad relationship just as doggedly as do their work at a job. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not.. Capricorns must learn to walk away when things are not good for their soul, not saveable, instead some withdraw in a bad relationship and "stick it out" too long, not wanting to "fail" in their and societies view.

Capricorns are loyal, trustworthy, will be very good friends partners and neighbours. They at times just need to remind themselves to "lighten up" a little. Earthbound creatures they are.

That is all for this month.