Februrary 2013

Greetings Sisters & Brothers, time for our news letter once more.

This month I thought I would draw a tarot card for all our Aquarians seeing as below we are talking about them.

My question to my Higher Self as selecting the card was - What influences are around Aquarians at this time?

Knight of Disks

(Lord of the wild and fertile land)

Astrology: 21 Leo to 20 Virgo
Element and world: The Earth of Assiah
Tree of Life: Chokmah

The Knight of Disks represents the Fire in the element of Earth, and with Earth suppressing Fire, the materialism is the dominant aspect in this card, showing the Knight as a complex person of amazing strength, representing Earth in its function as provider of life. 

The Knight of Disks is industrious and patient, steady and reliable, clever in material matters. He is the one working without asking much, concentrating on his tasks without getting distracted by mind games or high flying ideas. With more Earth than Fire and lacking the qualities of Air, the Knight of Disks is more dedicated to making but not to thinking, his success results from instinct and pragmatism rather than from intellect or knowledge. 

Further, the Knight of Disks lacks the emotional depth of Water, therefore he can have difficulties to understand or relate to others, he can be self-centred and sullen, intolerant and unable to put any interest in anything outside his own deeds and doings. 

At the darkest side, the Knight of Disks can turn stubborn and even stupid, clumsy and jealous on anyone that seems higher than himself, arousing over titbits and butting in everything, yet cowardice and unwilling to change himself.

Drive: Strife for material success and wealth.

Light: Clever in material matters, patient, industrious, reliable, strong and enduring.

Shadow: Stubbornness, dullness, jealousy, grasping, stagnant.


Now we hear more about Aquarians from our Sister in Australia - Kiarna Steart CHT.

Aquarius - The Water Bearer
Date - January 20th till February 18th
Ruling Planet - Uranus/Saturn
Element - Air Metal: Lead ruled by Saturn. Uranium ruled by Uranus.
Colours - Electric Blue, Black, White.
Herbs for Health: - Elder flowers from the Elderberry tree as an infusion; mullein tea rich in iron and magnesium.
Foods for Health - Barley, a good variety of vegetables, celery, apples and figs.
Flower - Blue and white flowers, acacia.
Scents - Gardenia, frankincense and myrrh.
Suggested best match - Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.

There are those who say the best way to sum up an Aquarian is by quoting Salvador Dali - "The difference between me and a mad man is that I am not mad". 

This is due to their two sets of contradictory views. The first; the conservative whose views have little to do with reality, the latter, challenging but one to conform. The powerful differences between their two ruling planets are potentially where they get their quirkiness from. Traditional ruler, Saturn endows structure and ambition and conservative values while their modern ruler, Uranus endows intuition and inventive with restless energy to boot. Aquarians tend to be very straight forward and have what some could call "A Broken Filter" between their thoughts and their words.

Aquarians are often mistaken as a water sign due to the symbol being that of the Water Bearer, however, it is a Fixed Air Sign. The water is more so symbolic of the Aquarian nature which is not to serve, but to share wisdom upon others. If you're looking for the silver lining (positive) to a situation, an Aquarian may just be able to find it for you. They trust their intuition and come across as both intelligent and quirky. Theses are the researchers of the Star signs, the rights activists, the scientists, the inventors; always looking for ways to "better humanity" and are often successful at this too.

Health wise, it pays to be mindful of conditions which effect lower legs (from knees to ankles) and the circulation of blood. Aquarians seem to be susceptible to ailments particularly cramps, spasmodic and nervous disorders such as wind, catarrh, diarrhoea, dropsy, goitre and delirium tremens. It is important to avoid alcohol, especially those Aquarians who have a taste for it. Aquarians are also sensitive (being an Air sign) to Smoking/pollution. Its very important to avoid these as much as possible in this modern world. Aquarians benefit from breath work and yoga as it helps them to focus upon their breathing which helps to calm their otherwise restless minds.
Here is a story I found in relation to Aquarian Mythology.

"Ouranos, Father Sky was the most ancient of the Greek gods and married to Gaea, Earth Mother. One of his sons was Saturn but he locked all of his children away in Tartaros, unwilling to pass on power to them. Gaea encouraged Saturn to overthrow Ouranos and free his siblings. Saturn became king of the gods, only to fall into the same trap. He swallowed each of his children, afraid of displacing them. Again the Earth Mother (this time Rhea), conspired to free her children and help Jupiter to become the eventual ruler of Olympus. Jupiter knew how to share power and gave each of his siblings their own domains. Saturn remained a powerful figure in exile Father Time".

The recurrent theme in Aquarian mythology is about patriarchal power not sharing power and the matriarch rebelling against this in order to better their community. Sounds quite relevant as we approach the Age of Aquarius to me!
Aquarians in closing, I would like to say to you, follow your mental inspirations and humanitarian goals while honouring body and soul needs. Use your power correctly, fight the good fight using your humanitarianism, honesty, loyalty, originality and inventiveness.

Well known Aquarians include...
Charles Dickens - Author
Charles Darwin - Naturalist
James Dean - Actor
Oprah Winfrey - TV Presenter
Michael Jordan - Sports Star
Abraham Lincoln - American President
Wolfgang Mozard - Composer
Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Activist
Thomas Edison - Inventor
Franklin D, Roosevelt - American President
Ronald Reagan - American President

That is all for this month, thanks for reading.