January 2012


Greetings Sisters and Brothers, we are well into 2012 now and time for more news.

Continuing from last time where we talked about the true hidden (occult) her-story of the Templars, or should we say Hirstory, to make it balanced?


There is a lot of confusion about the different Templar Cross colours and I am hoping to clear this up for everyone once and for all.

The original Templar cross was always white to represent purity of our noble hearts and to represent all 7 colours of the chakra rainbow which are activated and balanced in true Gnostic Spiritual Knights. After the inquisition those who took our name changed the colour to red to signify the blood of all our Shamanistic Seer families who they slaughtered in the name of their 'God'.

Much like today when people wear a red poppy to remember the dead SOLdiers who have been sacrificed to in the name of their God. Peace loving people wear a white poppy to show that even though they are upset about the deaths of all those soldiers, they want peace, not war. The colour red represent male energy and the element of fire, so this is also another way of the Christian Templars wiping patriarchy and their lies right in our faces.

Within our own Order our cross is always white, or on documents sometimes black or grey, this is for printing purposes. But as for anything we wear or show in public to represent us, it is always the white cross. Our sigil and logo have some red trimmings and this is to show to others that we are the true bloodline, and that the white cross of purity shines higher than their blood stained patriarchal red one.


If the white cross is shown on a red background, this is showing they are the original Templars who joined our Order as infiltrators, then took over and came under Roman Catholic control.


These Orders sometimes wear our original white cross on a black background so they can sometimes be hard to spot. They might have money, fancy robes and medals, and that is because they are under the Roman Catholic Church who have vast amounts of money at their disposal. Spiritual beings care less about fancy robes, titles and showing off, and care more about the Earth.


We hold some of our rituals outside in nature as this gives us a connection our Great Mother. Our indoor Temples are coated with purple and our sigil too, to show balance between the feminine - blue, water, west, and the masculine - red, fire, south. Together they make purple, the royal colour of our bloodline.

Also the Knights Templar seal that we see so often which is two men on horseback is another sign of a Christian Patriarchal Order, it represents the Brotherhood. Any organisation which uses the word 'Brotherhood' is either openly or secretly under Papal control.

Moving on to give more information about the some more of our Orders. The Order of St Thecla - According to the Acts of Paul and Thecla, Thecla (St. Taqla) was a young noble virgin who listened to Paul's "discourse on virginity" and became Paul's follower. Thecla's mother, and her fianc Thamyris, became concerned that Thecla would follow Paul's demand "that one must fear only one God and live in chastity", and punished both Paul and Thecla. She was miraculously saved from being burned at the stake by the onset of a storm, and travelled with Paul to Pisidian Antioch. There a nobleman named Alexander desired Thecla and attempted to take her by force. Thecla fought him off, assaulting him in the process, and was put on trial for assaulting a nobleman. She was sentenced to be eaten by wild beasts, but was again saved by a series of miracles when the female beasts protected her against her male aggressors. No other early account of Thecla exists.

This Order is open to those who are Sub-Deacon or above, who have undertaken humanitarian work or have worked helping animals.

Order of St Joseph of Arimathea - We learn about Joseph of Arimathea in Sacred Scripture. Arimathea was his place of birth, which was most likely the same city also known as Ramatha, birthplace of the prophet Samuel.

Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus' Uncle, and many believe he brought the 'Holy Grail' to Glastonbury UK.

This Order is open to those who are Sub-Deacon are above, who have completed a pilgrimage to our recognised Scared locations throughout the world. These include Tigris, Israel, Persia, Egypt, Crete, Bulgaria, France, Basque Region, Morocco, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Further details and information about sites we hold as Sacred are available from the Vicar General.

Order of The Holy Grail - This is an honourary Order that members of the clergy who have gained secret knowledge are invited to join.

In the February news letter we will be starting by adding a short piece about Tau Tia, and in March on Graham+, then each month after we will be adding a short piece on other members. This section will be for members only, and will not be posted anywhere publicly, the idea being that we can find out more about each other. When it is your turn you will be asked to write a short piece about yourself.

Finally - To keep running we need to pay at least for basic running costs of our Church and Order. Here is a breakdown of what is currently required without any other kind of investment.

Accountant fees - 100pa.
Printer Ink - 38 per cartridge set. (these are constantly running out from printing certificates and ceremonies etc)
Parchment paper for certificates - 10 per pack of 10 sheets.
A4 envelopes - 25p each.
Postage - varies depending on country, around 1.45.
Plus various items used during our Celtic Gnostic Mass.

All these items are paid for out of any donations we get, or from our own pockets. For Outer Order membership we don't ask for any set subscriptions fees, but we would ask that everyone please do their very best to help out all they can by sending at least one donation a year of any amount you can afford. Anything you send will help, because as you see above, this all starts to add up. Also please make use of the gift shop, which more items have been added to, and even more soon, and please promote it for us.

Thank you.