December 2011


Greetings Sisters and Brothers.


Before the Templars were known as the Templars they were known by many other names. The Order was set up to protect the bloodline families and the knowledge that has been passed down by word of mouth to family members and Initiates for many thousands of years. However to be able to carry this out, Stealth is required.

Wherever we have been on the globe, we always try to get in positions of power in politics, religion and health care. This works to our advantage as we can plant seeds of knowledge within all these organisations, and help bring change. We have had to outwardly appear to be Christians or Jews or whatever. This worked fine for the Templar Knights, until the Order was infiltrated and they were found out and burnt at the stake for heresy.


However some did survive, and went underground.


For many years we slowly let more and more information out into the general public, until it reached a time when people had learnt enough, and were educated enough to be more accepting of the truth. Now we are at a time when all those of the bloodline will be called back together, to help prepare for the next Aeon. The Aeon we have been waiting for, where everything will change, but only if we succeed in our work.

There are many Templar Orders set up in our name who are Christian, and worst still Roman Catholic. These are nothing to do with the real Templars, who are now and have always been Gnostics. The International Priory of The Knights Hospitaller Templar is connected to no other Templar Order. Various Orders have been set up, but none other than us by true spiritual royalty. There are a few Orders we are in contact with, however at this time we have no other public face other than our Church and Order. All the rest of our connections are still thoroughly underground and many in public roles, they will join us in the public side of things eventually, but right now they are best left undercover in their positions, ready for the next stage of the plans. We have links with bloodline families all over the world, and everyone is doing there bit to help within their own areas of expertise.

Within the Church, Order and Companions here we can all help to get more of our Kin back together by promoting our Church and Order. Those who are willing to help this way will be given more responsibility within the Church, Outer Order or Order. Those who are Companions may in time be asked to join the OIO-KHT and become a Probationer of the Order proper, and have a chance to gain full Initiation into the Mysteries. Likewise those in the Church will be invited to join when they reach the Order of the Priesthood.

Various Orders are available within the Church: The Order of St Mary Magdalene, this Order is for Sisters only, and each and every Sister who is invited becomes a Lineage Holder of the Succession directly back to Mary Magdalene. The Order of St Mary Magdalene's origins go back to the first century and Mary Magdalene as its founder. It has continued since then secretly and the lineages passed down through the females of the Holy Grail Bloodline. This cannot however be verified by historians or scholars, for the original records and documents, as well as most of the keepers of the knowledge, remain hidden and secretive. The Divine Feminine Principle has survived throughout the centuries because it has been kept secret and hidden, without need for permission or recognition from the patriarchy. This Order is open to Priestesses only.

Then we have an Order especially for our Brothers. The Order of St John The Baptist has its origins directly from St John The Baptist, who passed the secret teachings of the Divine Feminine and the Holy Grail down through the male children of Mary & Jesus. As with the Order of Mary Magdalene this has also been kept secret and hidden. The males invited to this Order will become Lineage Holders and Keepers. This Order is open to Priests only.

The Order of St Thecla and The Order of St Joseph of Arimathea are open to both Brothers and Sisters, again by invitation, more will be coming about those soon.

If you have any questions please contact us, we are always happy to help.