November 2012

Greetings Sisters & Brothers.


Last month we unfortunately lost our Sister and Priestess - Rev. Baroness Adora McKenzie CSsM&J, Cdr, OIO-SnlKHT, BA (Hons), OMM, OThc, OJA, OHG, ODC, OFS. Such a tragic loss of a very kind and gentle Noble Lady.

Here are her last words to us all before her coma was induced. We will share them here:

"Please tell my Mum, Dad and Brother how much I love them. Please let those in the Order know what is going on and no matter what happens to me, please tell them, and especially Tia, that I what you are having the courage to do is amazing. At times it must seem like everything is going against you, and the truth is that because of what people have been led to believe it is. But there is hope, there is always hope. Bit by bit we are revealing the truth and some people are ready to hear, and those are the important ones, focus on them and forget the others, they are not ready and can not be convinced to listen. Those ready will hear us loud and clear, the truth is already inside them, they just need to remember and so it affects them in emotional ways sometimes at first. Be patient with them as they learn more, no matter how many times you have to repeat things and reassure them, they are worth the effort, all of those who are ready are. Their blood is calling them to the truth about their own bloodline, and they are the ones who will continue to pass this knowledge long after all of us are gone. The Church will grow as more realise they deserve to be a Priest or Priestess in the true sense and meaning of the word, and they will know in their hearts this was always for them, it is the reason they found us and started to awaken. The Order will continue to be the heart of everything and the Priests and Priestesses of the Church will eventually find their way there, back to the family they have been denied for so long.. Theomerla might happen on a small scale at first, but it will grow as people become braver, and more reject the slavery they have been brought up in. I love you all my Sisters and my Brothers, in a very true and real way, unconditionally and forever. If I don't come back, then I will still be with you. At night you can look up into the dark velvet sky and look for a shiny bright star twinkling at you. That is me, I know where I am going, I am forever part of the Universe and I am forever part of each of you."

We all miss Adora+ and will always have her in our hearts. We will carry on with the work that meant so much to her.


We are often questioned as to why within our Church the Bishops wear a Mitre. Many associate this with Christianity, and especially the Roman Catholic Church.

The Mitre has always been associated with the Mother Goddess and the age of Pisces, because both are often represented by the fish. For the past couple of thousand years the Mitre has been worn because we are in the age of Pisces, but the fish symbol has always been of the Goddess, for one because water is feminine, it also represents the cosmic vagina of the Vesica Piscis shape, which is used to create the fish symbol of Christianity, because Christianity is the religion of the age of Pisces. We also all start out as fish type creatures in the womb, floating about in our Mothers waters. So no matter which age we are in, the fish will always be an important symbol of the mysteries.

The Vesica Piscis is such an important symbol with Divine Proportions that match exactly to a woman's vagina. This sacred symbol is the portal which brings life into the world. The fish is also a symbol of parthenogenesis, as fish can reproduce asexually, as woman can also, when they know how.

The Pope and all other Bishops are wearing the fish head Mitre as they represent the Goddess on Earth. How strange is this seeing as they restrict women and tell them they can not be Priestesses and Bishops themselves? Very. It is all because they want to keep the esoteric truth hidden from the masses, and especially women. Many women have no idea how strong and powerful they are spiritually and emotionally compared to the vast majority of men. However things are starting to change and I urge all women everywhere to take your rightful place as Priestess or even Bishop lineage holders within our Church. You can now, they can not stop you from reaching your full potential anymore. How good it feels as a woman to wear a Mitre and know its true meaning, let's claim it back. Men too, you also deserve to reach your full potential rather than be taken into false exoteric systems where you never actually find out the truth yourself. Find out more about our online seminary on the Church website.

One last thing, just a bit of fun and a great way to spread happiness. People are so lonely in the world these days. Everyone walks round with their heads down trying to ignore what a mess the world is in. Too scared to talk to anyone because of everything they watch on the TV. 21st November is - World Hello Day, and this means you have to say hello to 10 different people you see. What better way to brighten up someone's day, than smiling and saying hello to them? Read more here