May & June 2012


Greetings Sisters and Brothers, because of out trip to Scotland our news letter has been put on a back burner. Also I (Tau Tia) have been busy with my book, as well as other work etc, and the time has just flown by. So for May and June news letters I am just doing a quick update.

Our trip to Scotland was excellent and a wonderful opportunity to see so much of the bloodline herstory right before our eyes. I will remember the trip always, and hope to return again soon.

Our next big trip will be to Sweden to take a look round to consider moving our Church and Order over their permanently. We can not decide such a thing without first taking some time to be there and get to know the area, so hopefully we can arrange that soon.

The Be The Solution Movement is still slowly rising in numbers, it will take time to get to our goal, but the more who see it, the more it is getting into the general public's consciousness, so it is all good.

Our Zazzle shop has sold a few items, but not many, so that needs promoting more. I spent a lot of time working on the designs and setting it all up, and as of yet I am the one who has spent the most money by far, which isn't much good as I am always constantly putting my own money into this, and the idea is to find ways to fund the whole thing, as I am quickly running out of money. So hopefully everyone can help with promoting it.
Here is the store front but you can link to any of the designs by clicking the folders.

An important new article explaining The Four Pillars of Gnosis can be found here

That is all for this month, I now hand over to Adora+, who will tell us a little about herself. Next month we will be learning more about Isabella de Medici.

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