April 2013

Greetings Sisters & Brothers, a short newsletter this month.

I have been very busy working on my book, and so have had little time for anything else. But I am making good progress, which you can yourself keep up to date with by visiting my Book Fund page. Please do consider pre-ordering your copy of the book, as there are a lot of upfront cost I have to cover, plus you will get a signed copy, be mentioned in the book and see it before anyone else.

Here is the design for the cover which I have been working on, so as you can see, things are moving along nicely.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to those of you who have pre-ordered already.


Now we hand over to our Sister in Chicago, USA - Kathleen Flyke CHT who will talk about this months star sign - Aries.




Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, falling usually between March 21 - April 20 coinciding with the Spring (vernal ) Equinox.

Ruled by Mars.
Aries is a Masculine sign (outgoing & penetrating). 
Aries is associated with the symbol of the powerful majestic Ram. 
The charging Ram breaks into spring with energy and drive, a warriors heart full of power and intention, you will never deter a fiery ram from its goals, no matter what they put there impulsive mind to...it will be done one way or the other, if they have to go around you or through you to get it done... 
Element: Fire (inspired & instinctual).
Quality: Cardinal (instigating)
Polarity: Libra
Colours: All shades of red, scarlet, fire-engine, ruby.
Metals: Iron.
Birthstone: The beautiful Diamond, created from intense heat and pressure.
Gemstones: Red, bloodstone, garnet, ruby, topaz, red aventurine, red agate, fire opal, orange celestite, ocher, and iron pyrite.
Flowers: Flowers play an important part in the Ram person, they will be intensely drawn to them due to them being born the first of Spring. Their sign flowers include, tiger lily, forsythia, gentian, honeysuckle, red poppy, geraniums, hollyhocks, anemone, red clover, crocus, narcissus...etc. They will be drawn to fragrance and flowers like no other sign. A perfect gift of a lovely floral fragrance, or woody vetiver will be most appreciated by both male and female Rams. 

The Aries person is a force to be reckoned with, they are not fence-sitters by any means!
The good traits are many and the Aries person will often be described by their family, acquaintances and friends as vivacious, lively life of the party, bursting with energy, the ring leader. The Aries really lights up a room. They are also extremely generous people, they do not hold onto or like to "collect" material goods as some do. 
All the world is a stage for the Ram, a platform for them to rule and conquer, always hatching plans and deals and starting projects. A lot of Aries are Inventors. The Aries thrives on adventure, challenges, sparking enthusiasm in others... 
The negative is, the Aries person can sometimes be blinded by ego, harsh in speech and behaviour to some at times, impatient with others, easily bored, extremely impulsive which can lead to careless behaviour. 

Overall the Ram is a passionate, driven brave hearted warrior in life, full of new life and vigour.