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The International Priory of The Knights Hospitaller Templar News Letter

October 2012

Greetings Sisters and Brothers. It has been a while seen we have done a newsletter. We have been very busy on various projects.

We are pleased to announce that our Sisters Angela Marie Schumacher & Jennifer R Blair have been promoted to the rank of Hon. Lady LKHT. Thank you Hon. Lady Angela Marie Schumacher LKHT & Hon. Lady Jennifer R Blair LKHT for your continued support of our work and Order, congratulations.

We have a new Facebook page for our Be The Solution Movement, please like the page if you haven't done so already.

Coming up this month are two special ceremonies:

Invocation of Lady Veritas, Goddess of Truth 22nd October & All Hallows Eve Ritual of Water 31st October. If any of you are in the Lancashire area on these dates you are welcome to come along and join us.

Invocation of Lady Veritas, Goddess of Truth is a special ceremony which awakens the truth within us all and sends out energies to bring truth out into our communities and the world. We invoke and honour the Lady Veritas wearing white robes and decorating the Temple in white.

The Ritual of Water is when we celebrate the end of the harvest and light bonfires to illuminate our way through the coming dark winter months. We remember our ancestors and honour them during lively celebrations and other festivities.

Remember to check out our new site

Also you may have noticed the Church site has been revamped using Joomla, and we now have a fully integrated Gift Shop. Thanks so much to Soror Ennea for all your hard work and effort on the sites.

That is all for this month.



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