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The International Priory of The Knights Hospitaller Templar News Letter

April 2012

Greetings Sisters and Brothers, as +Graham's Consecration on May 6th draws closer we have a lot of work to do in preparation. This has left us little time for other things, including the news letter. After +Graham's Consecration is done we will have more time for other things.

We are arranging a trip to Scotland - 16th June - 23rd June. We will be visiting Rosslyn Chapel, Tantallon Castle and various other locations. If anyone is interested to come along with us, please let us know as soon as possible, then we can arrange group tours at the sites. Also if anyone has ideas for other locations for the itinerary please let us know, as we will be sorting it all out soon, including a hotel that is central and a camping site.

We recently put a call out for people to help us get some things we need for the Church and Order work. I myself (Tau Tia) donated some money and we managed to get a small CD player that we needed for ceremonies and a second-hand laptop that +Graham can use when at my house, so we can get so much more work done when we are together. I have already put thousands of pounds of my own money into this, so if anyone can help by sending something towards the costs it would be appreciated.

Please help all you can to spread the word about what we are doing with our - Be The Solution Movement by spreading the graphics posted here

Those signing the Be The Solution page is happening a slow steady pace, but we need to get things moving quicker. If anyone has any ideas on how to promote this please come forwards.

We have a new page for you to like on Facebook - What Would Mary Magdalene Do? If you haven't liked the page yet please do and share it. I have already designed some t-shirts with this on to help spread our movement, plus various others and the shop will be up to purchase from soon. It will be a great way to raise some money for Theomerla, the Church, Order and our other causes, so please support it and buy a t-shirt, mug or something. Details coming soon.

Please would all members who haven't already, send us a photo and a short bio for yourself to be added to the Temple of Theola about us page. Every single one of you, whether Inner or Outer Order should get involved with everything going on as much as possible, please don't wait to be asked and please don't think you are less important to us, just because you aren't in the Inner Order. This is for everyone, everyone has a say in things, no matter how long they have been around or what their rank within the Order is. Please make your voice heard.

If anyone would like to take over the running of the news letters, including being in charge of content, please come forward, as I have so many things to do myself already.

 Recently I got a new camcorder which I will be using to do some videos, and I am especially excited about filming the Celtic Gnostic Mass. Busy, busy, busy.

That is all for this month, I now hand over to Anastasia+, who will tell us a little about herself. Next month we will be learning more about Adora+.


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