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Members Roll


Grand Prioress

Tau Tia L Douglass Magus, (Most Rev.) Bishop of Anglezarke & Titular Lady Abbess of Holyrood CSsM&J, OIO-KHTGP, YR, BA (Hons), MA, DD, OMM, OThc, OJA, OHG, ODC, OFS, OSph, ODW, ODL, OVL, OIlumi.




Rev. Baroness Anastasia Bagration-Moukhransky CSsM&J, Cdr, OIO-SnlKHT, BA (Hons), OMM, OThc, OJA, OHG, ODC, OFS.

Rev. Baroness Adora McKenzie CSsM&J, Cdr, OIO-SnlKHT, BA (Hons), OMM, OThc, OJA, OHG, ODC, OFS.
- 1974-2012 (In Loving Memory of a Great Lady Knight & Priestess) 




Hon. Sir Patrick Cook Snl, OIO-SqHT.
Hon. Sir Andrew Cohen
CSsM&J, Snl, OIO-SqHT.
Hon. Lady Marie Duvalier Snl, OIO-LHT.



Lady Isabella de Medici CSsM&J, Snl, OIO-LKHT, ODC.



Lady Jia Li Oshiro CSsM&J, Snl, OIO-LKHT, ODC.



Hon. Lady Kristina Henriques Snl, OIO-LHT.



Ladies & Knights

Hon. Lady Lynne Douglass LKHT.
Hon. Sir Allen Douglass KHT.
Hon. Sir Anthony Douglass KHT.
Hon. Lady Cathryn Douglass LKHT.
Hon. Sir George Lewis KHT.
Hon. Sir Ben De Mond KHT. - 1978-2012 (In Loving Memory of a Great Knight)

Hon. Lady Jennifer R Blair CSsM&J, LKHT.

Hon. Lady Angélique Cardinal LKHT.

Hon. Sir André Heyrman CSsM&J, KHT.

Hon. Lady Kiarna Steart LKHT.

Hon. Sir Alastair James Chambers CSsM&J, KHT.




Esse Khanzadeh CHT.
John Salecker CSsM&J, CHT.
Albert McKenzie CHT.
Julianne McKenzie CHT.
Alistair McKenzie CHT.
Lewis George Bagration-Moukhransky CHT.
Sophia Marie Bagration-Moukhransky CHT.
Thomas Lewis Bagration-Moukhransky CHT.
Ana Lucy Hamilton CHT.
Alessio Bertini CSsM&J, CHT.

Fiorella Bertini CHT.

Stewart Elliot CHT.

Janine Tweedle CHT.

Lucio De Medici CHT.
Valentina Maria De Medici CHT.
Celestina Maria De Medici CHT.
Ernesto Lucio De Medici CHT.

Richard O'Connor CHT.

Miranda Nichole Tolson CHT.

Ronda Weilbaker CHT.

Cecilia Briceno CHT.

Julia Watson CHT.

Graham Chatham CHT.



Junior Companions

Lucy Douglass JCHT.
Olivia Douglass JCHT.

Craig Dexter Hamilton-Eliott JCHT.

Flavia Maria De Medici JCHT.
Maurizio Lucio De Medici JCHT.

Flavia Bertini JCHT.

Antonello Bertini JCHT.

Jaidyn Paxtyn JCHT.

Jackson Alexander Tolson JCHT.



Other Roles

Design & Content Manager

Hon. Lady Jennifer Rose Blair CSsM&J, LKHT - New Jersey, USA.

Online Promotions Manager

Hon. Sir Patrick Cook Snl, OIO-SqHT. - Milton Keynes, UK.

Administrative Assistant

Hon. Lady Kristina Henriques Snl, OIO-LHT - Stockholm, Sweden.

Development Manager

Hon. Sir Andrew Cohen CSsM&J, Snl, OIO-SqHT. - Kent, UK.

Research Specialist

Hon. Sir André Heyrman CSsM&J, KHT,- Zandhoven, Belgium.



Star Guardians

Kiarna Steart - Guardian of Aquarius
Tau Tia L Douglass - Guardian of Pisces
Tau Graham T Suddick - Guardian of Cancer
Jennifer Blair - Guardian of Libra
Andre Heyrman - Guardian of Taurus
Kristina Henriques - Guardian of Sagittarius
Andrew Cohen - Guardian of Scorpio
Anastasia Bagration-Moukhransky - Guardian of Aries
Jia Li Oshiro - Guardian of Virgo



All members, no matter their current status or rank, are referred to as brother or sister, or the Latin - Frater or Soror, as we consider ourselves a family with noble hearts. All members have the right to bear the post nominal letters as they have above.

Any member has the right to gain promotion through an earned undertaking or contribution of their actions.

Junior companions are only accepted if their parent of guardian is already a member. Juniors are classed as those under the age of 18.


Key For Titles & Post Nominal Letters

OIO-KHTGP. - Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Knights Hospitaller Templar Grand Prioress.

OIO-LKHT. - Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Lady Knight Hospitaller Templar.

OIO-KHT. - Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Knight Hospitaller Templar.

OIO-LHT. - Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Lady Hospitaller Templar.

OIO-SqHT.- Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Squire Hospitaller Templar.

Cdr. - Commander.

Snl. - Seneschal.

LKHT. - Lady Knight Hospitaller Templar.

KHT. - Knight Hospitaller Templar.

CHT. - Companion Hospitaller Templar.

JCHT. - Junior Companion Hospitaller Templar.

Hon. - Honorary.

CSsM&J. - The Church of St Mary & St John.


OIO Members Only

Celestite = OIO-SqHT (Squire Hospitaller Templar) or OIO-LHT (Lady Hospitaller Templar)

Azurite - Order of The Divine Chalice = OIO-KHT (Knight Hospitaller Templar) or OIO-LKHT (Lady Knight Hospitaller Templar)

Amethyst - Order of The Flaming Sword = OIO-SnlKHT (Seneschal)

Grand Seneschal - Order of Sophia = OIO-GSKHT

Commander - Order of Divine Wisdom = OIO-CdrKHT

Grand Commander - Order of The Divine Light = OIO-GCdrKHT

Fisher Prince/Princess - Order of The Violet Flame = OIO-FPKHT

Fisher King/Queen - Order of Illuminati = OIO-FKKHT or OIO-FQKHT

Grand Prior/Grand Prioress = OIO-KHTGP

The Order is headed up by the Fisher Queen & King.

Those who get high up in the degrees and want to form their own chapter will become a Fisher King or Queen of their chapter.

And the whole of OIO Knights Hospitaller in all regions is headed up by Grand Prior or Grand Prioress. Who will guard the lineages for future Grand Prior & Grand Prioress.

Publications relating to our Church & Order

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