Charities & Organisations We Support

The main goal are retreats which will be a spiritual and emotional support network in the communities they are created in. Redeveloping community spirit and solid care services which are sadly lacking in modern society - Helping the elderly, unwell, poor and vulnerable. Providing a safe loving haven they can count on to be there for them at all times, especially when they are most needed.

The Church of St Mary & St John
Temple of Theola

Because we live in a world where money has become God. Where we need it to survive. Those who are unwell, elderly and vulnerable are unable to work and rely on government systems that often far from meet our needs. We need your help to make a difference in their lives. The forgotten ones are not forgotten by us. No elderly person should suffer and die alone. No unwell person should suffer alone with no help. No child should suffer neglect. Please donate what you can to help with our work. Your donation can make a big difference to someone's life.

It is our aim to get members here who are willing to help on a local level within their own communities. We spend so much time focusing on problems from outside our own areas, that those vulnerable ones on our own doorsteps go neglected. We encourage you to get out there and help those in your own area. If you have some spare time how about offering to do the shopping for an elderly neighbour? Or do a few jobs round their house that needs doing. The type of things that you can do easily, but would be a major problem to those who are unwell and elderly.

We give up as much of our time helping others as possible, and we can do it all the more so with your help.

Please give what you can.

Please would members inform us about any other charities they would like us to support.

Our Brother Hon. Sir Andrew Cohen Snl. OIO-SqHT. has asked that we take on Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation as one of our charities, which we will happily do. It is now one of the charities that we raise funds for.